Lift The Dang Seat Dude!

Here’s something which aggravates me greatly; toilet seats covered in pee. It’s completely inconsiderate of any male to think its okay to splash their urine all over the restroom facilities.  After all, we’re not dogs marking our territory.

There are worse things I guess in the world, but after visiting a public restroom recently and having to spend several minutes cleaning up after someone else before I could even do my business has left me a bit jaded.

I grew up in a household of boys and I’m pretty sure none of the four of us (my dad included in this number) gave lifting the lid much thought.  Mom let me apologize now for all those years of having to clean up after all of us. 

Once I married, it dawned on me my bride probably didn’t appreciate having to clean up after me before she could use the restroom either and I began to make sure to lift the seat and then place it back for her. I’ve been told it is a rude awakening to sit down on a toilet with the seat up and getting your toosh wet. Guys remember this it’ll make your marriage better.

The bottom line is this, it’s just rude to place your needs above those of others.  And when you pee all over the seat because you’re too lazy to lift the seat for your fellow man, maybe you should reconsider your actions. 

Do you think it’s possible the world might be a little bit better and a much more pleasant place to live if the selfish people of the world would just lift the seat first? Perhaps world peace isn’t tied to peeing all over the place, but it’s still something to think about you know.

Well now you know what I think, what do you think?