500 Words or Less

Working on the dream I have for my life consists of much time staring at a computer monitor and thinking. I’m always thinking of things to say which hopefully help others make progress in their lives. 

There are two things I love to do; write and help people. But have you ever tried to help someone using only 500 words? It can be daunting to say the least; to convey the thoughts in my head into words on a screen for others to read as quickly as possible? Not as easy as it sounds.

Sometimes my fingers fly across the little keyboard I use to type my blogs, other times I sit listening to music with a blank stare wondering what, if anything I’m going to write, or if I even have anything left to offer. This thought scares me more than any other; that I’ve exhausted everything inside me to share with others. Like I’ve become a babbling grandpa who continues to tell the same stories every time he sees his grandchildren. And what this really means is perhaps I’m becoming  irrelevant.

Irrelevancy is something I fear; I don’t mean in the way anperson becomes debilitated into inaction or something. I mean we allowing fear to force us to be looking for ways to still be relevant to the people around us; especially if you are like me and have a desire to help others. 

But how do you find a way to stay relevant? What is the secret to this? I think the answer is honesty. We live in a world where a man’s word just doesn’t mean anything any more. There was a time when all it took was a handshake and you knew whatever the conversation had been leading up to shaking hands would happen no questions asked. 

If we want to be relevant to the people around us; especially the younger generation, we have to be truthful in all aspects of life.

I’m an outspoken person. If you’ve read much of anything I’ve written then you know I don’t mince words; I tell it like it is. This is something people are not really ready for a lot of times either. 

The biggest problem this causes me is people tend to think I’m brash and overbearing. And I would have to agree with them, but I don’t want to tiptoe around situations, I want to help people and sometimes all pussyfooting around does is cause more harm than good.

To bottom line it for you; say what you mean, tell the truth and be honest with everyone and you will stay relevant. And I did it in less than 500 words.