Strip Clubs

What’s with this desire some men have to go to strip clubs?  They will spend hundreds of dollars on booze, lap dances and who knows what else, just to go home frustrated.  I can honestly say I have never stepped foot inside one of these establishments and never will.

When I was twenty-one I stayed in New Orleans with a friend from college.  We spent an entire day in the French Quarter drinking our way from one bar to the next.  As we walked past a strip club, my friend said, “Hey, let’s go in here!”  My reply was instead to suggest we go into the wax museum which was right next door.  We did neither and just found another watering hole.

Even when I was single, living for myself and doing whatever I wanted to do, I never had any desire to go watch a bunch of half naked women dance around a pole and put my hard earned money into their g-strings.  It’s not because I don’t like women, on the contrary; I think the greatest creation God ever made was the female form; it’s like an inspired work of art.  Strip clubs have always just seemed sleazy to me. I’m not saying the girls are sleazy, I can’t make this judgement as I don’t know their stories.

Nothing captivates my attention more than my bride’s body.  Believe me, if you were to ask her, she’d tell you I’m a little bit obsessed with it (even though this aggravates her most of the time).  It’s a God given desire placed in all men and is a great thing as long as it’s used correctly.

Electricity is a great thing. When you use it properly it will light and cool your home and is what is allowing me to write this.  But if you disregard the rules concerning electricity, it can kill you.  Fire is another thing which is good; you can use it to heat your home, cook your food and I love to sit alongside my fire pit on a cool evening with friends, but again there is the possibility of death if handled incorrectly.

The desire to see a woman’s naked bodies is much the same.  In the context of marriage it’s not a bad thing, but if mishandled leads to time lost, money spent, and ignoring your family.  If left unchecked, this desire will lead you eventually to sitting on pervert row in a strip club leering at dancing women who may have their own issues.

I’m not a prude, but I do know this, strip clubs are not the answer to this desire inside of men.  What will cultivate this area in you is to love one woman and build a life together.  Spend time connecting with your bride, and you will find the results will be much healthier, not to mention, you won’t go home at night frustrated and all your money gone.

Now you know what I think, what do you think?