You Can Put a Smile On It, But Its Still a Load of Crap!

Backslider, charlatan, pharisee, deceiver, phony, pretender, poser, hypocrite and a man who is full of crap. Choose one, because this is what I am on any given day. One of the funniest things to me is when people act as if I’m the perfect example of what a Christian should be; and this thought usually comes from people who don’t act like Christians themselves. This blog is not about them however, it is about me and how full of crap I can be on some days.

Try as hard as I can, there are days where I don’t measure up to who I think I should be as a Christian. Oh, I could make excuses for my inadequacies but as my boss reminded me yesterday, excuses are like butt holes, everyone’s got one. No instead of excuses, I should be like President Truman who said, “The buck stops here!” Men have to take responsibility for their actions; good or bad.

One thing I wanted my children to learn from me was they didn’t have to be perfect, but the needed to strive for perfection. The difference is none of us can ever be perfect, no matter how hard we try, but we can all work at becoming perfect. I made a lot of mistakes as my kids were growing, but one thing I always did was fix it any time I missed the mark with them. I was and always have been quick to repent and ask for forgiveness; it’s a trait I am proud of.

But I’m just like every other man out there and have passions which try and dominate me on a daily basis. I must master them and when I don’t I end up looking like a man who is full of crap. It doesn’t matter what type of spin I put on it, it still smells stinky.

Too many men (myself included) try to put their best face out there for all to see instead of living an honest and transparent life. This kind of life scares most men, making them feel open and exposed for all to see and no man wants this. 

But if we want to grow into the men we are destined to be, then we must make a change and come out of hiding and be real for all to see, regardless of what happens to us on a daily basis.

Come out from hiding men, be who you are. There will be those who will ridicule you for your stance, but ignore them and keep moving forward. It won’t be too long before their crap begins to show more than your’s and you’ll be the one people look too as their example.

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