Is This Really Your Fight?

There was this man I was trying to help with some of his relationships once who called me one day a short time after my youngest son had died, urgently asking me to pray for a man he worked with. 

I was a little aggravated with his request at the time because it had only been a few days since Noah’s funeral and at this point he hadn’t even acknowledged the fact my son was gone. 

He kept persisting that I pray, so I asked him the man’s name and he said, “I don’t know, I just overheard some people talking about him in the break room.”

I was livid and told him to pray himself and not to bother me with this again. A few days later I talked to him in person and explained how offended I was and worked things out with him.

This got me thinking though, how many times do we take up a fight that isn’t ours? There’s a lot of things noble to fight for; helping impoverished children, saving women from sex trafficking, making sure your elderly neighbor is okay and the list goes on and on. But you can’t fight them all; heck you can’t even be passionate about them all…and this is okay.

How can you say not helping with something is okay Dave? Simple, it’s not. I say this because we don’t need to try and fight every battle because it’ll cause you to get burned out. 

Focus is important; you can get much more done if you are deliberate in your actions instead of chasing many things at once. Many people however feel the pressure to help with anything and everything instead of finding the one thing they should be focusing on.

If we would find the main thing which really makes our hearts burn within us and then begin doing what we can, we’d all be much happier. 

And if we’d not get butt hurt when other people don’t share our enthusiasm for the thing we’re fighting for, this too would make us happy. 

This is one of the biggest problems I see; you share your heart with people and they don’t get excited, then you get mad, thinking they just don’t get it. 

There are 7.5 billion people on this planet, it stands to reason out of this number there should be at least a few who share your passion for this fight, right? It just may not be the “person” you thought it might be.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t share what you’re about with others, but don’t get upset if they don’t accept  it and get excited with you. We all have things we’re fervent about, we’ve just got to find those who are like minded with us and work together. Doing this can and will change the world.

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