Help, I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up!

Today as I was preparing to take a shower and get ready to face my day, I stepped towards my closet to retrieve some clothes, catching my toe on a pair of work boots and lost my footing falling head first into the closet only just barely catching myself before cracking my skull.

I have friends my age and older who have fallen in the past, but this is the first time I’ve experienced a fall of this magnitude. On one hand I’m excited because I didn’t let the expletives fly as it were, but then on the other hand I did fall and usually it’s the elderly who take a tumble like this.

It’s no mystery that I’m getting older, I’m 52 after all. The mystery is why all of a sudden just because you’re older things like this happen more often? 

I may be 52 in my body, but in my mind I’m still somewhere around 25 or so. It’s an interesting dynamic to feel young but reality is something altogether different. Why didn’t any men tell me about this? Is it some type of conspiracy older men have against younger ones? 

How about you older fellas, did any older men warn you about what was about to happen to you? Where are the books, the magazines or blogs? Am I the only man who even wonders about it? Maybe there’s a book in this, who knows, maybe I’ll write it.

I do know there are a few things I wish an older man had warned me about, stuff like;

  1. Droopy body parts 
  2. The occasional dribble at the urinal
  3. My ears and nose getting larger
  4. Falling down
  5. Changes in sex
  6. This insane need to purchase shoes with smooth soles to keep from tracking dirt in the house

I’ve decided I’m going to make it one of my missions in life to warn young men of this impending doom. 

Now you know what I think, what do you think?

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