Spank That Butt!

Have you ever been out having dinner with friends or trying to enjoy a movie, only for there to be  a family there not controlling their kids and letting them run wild?  Kids like this can ruin a pleasant evening out, not to mention bring added stress if it turns out it’s your kids causing the problems.

My bride and I were at dinner last night with friends and we told them to bring their little girl Mia with them.  Afterwards, Cheryl and I talked about how good she was on our way home.  We were together with them for about three hours and she never acted up, even though at one point she did say, “Mommy, I’m ready to go home.”  It was the most pleasant evening with a four year old I’ve ever had.

I wish I could say this was true of all little kids, but unfortunately it is not.  One of the reasons Mia is such a good girl is because her mom and dad know the importance of discipline.  As we were leaving from having our dessert, Mia’s mom told her to thank me for buying her dinner.  She became bashful and didn’t want to.  For my part, I was okay if she didn’t say it, but I knew what Amberly was doing so I stood there in uncomfortable silence waiting for her to thank me.

When it was apparent she wasn’t going to thank me, her mother said to thank me or they were going to the restroom and have a talk.  They ended up going for a talk, so I went outside where Cheryl and Will were waiting.  Will gave me a “what’s going on look” and I told him they were in the restroom talking.  He grinned and said, “Oh she probably needed it.”  When the ladies came outside from their talk, without hesitation, Mia looked right at me and said in a loud voice, “Thank you for my dinner.”  The main reasons she did this is because her mom and dad know the importance of discipline and spanking her when she needs it.

Now before you get mad, hear me out.  When I talk about spanking, I’m talking about doing it the correct way; using it to reinforce positive behaviour.  I am not talking about spanking your child because they are annoying you; this is wrong and should never be what spanking is about.  And if this is what you’re doing with your kids, stop it.

My bride and I spanked all three of our kids, and despite what the “experts” try and say, none of them turned out to be homicidal maniacs, killers or horrible people. Spanking your child in the correct fashion is a deterrent to bad behaviour not an encouragement of it.

The biggest problem with children acting up in public is the parents.  If they would be consistent in their discipline and actually make their kids mind, 99% of the problems would disappear.  Unfortunately parents for some reason or other choose not to do anything about their children, thinking it will all work out in the end.  And yes, it usually does, they become bratty teenagers, then adults who refuse to take any responsibility for their actions later on in life.

One last thought on this for today; when you spank, please don’t use your hand, use a wooden paddle.  Your hands were designed to hold and love your children, not hit them.  Plus hitting with your hands makes them fear you, not the paddle which administers the discipline.  When you use a paddle, they will come to respect it.  So don’t wait, start spanking that butt today.

Now you know what I think, what do you think?


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