I’m Not Sleeping, I’m Recharging

I work outdoors, and spend approximately 99% of my days in the weather.  Lunchtime finds me inside eating in the cool air of my office.  My problem is sitting in the cool air with a full belly makes my eyelids droop.

I finally just started setting the alarm on my phone to go off when my break is over and succumb to the inevitable…sleep.

It’s never very long, 5 – 10 minutes depending on how long I have left on my break, but I always feel so refreshed after those few minutes of shut eye.  Waking up at 4am every day, these precious few moments with my eyes shut have become very important to me.

It’s really humorous too; when you were a kid and had time to take a nap you would fight it, and now that you’re older and don’t have the time, you dream about them.

Sunday afternoon naps are the best.  My wife and I always set aside time on Sundays to get a little sleep and regenerate after our work week.  It’s so nice to start out on Mondays refreshed and ready to go.

Napping is a necessary part of my life, and it should be for you too.  Finding a few minutes each day to recharge your batteries may be the best thing for you to do to increase your productivity.

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