Feminizing Men

What’s with the man bun?  I was in a restaurant a while back and as our waiter introduced himself I noticed this stringy looking blob of hair on the crown of his head.  As he turned to leave and go fill our drink order, I saw it was actually hair pulled back into a bun like my mom used to wear.

It seems to have become a real thing, and many young men have started to sport this new hair style; which is really not new at all, it’s something women have been doing with their hair forever and now some men have adopted it as their own.  As strange as it is for men to want to take on women’s fashion, there is nothing new about this.

powdered wig

In the 18th century about the only way to tell men and women apart was the ladies wore dresses and the men pants.  Their hair styles were very similar and both wore make up.  Of course only the very rich did this, but that didn’t make it right.

I’m an old school, John Wayne loving, redneck man when it comes to fashion I guess, but it seems just a little strange to me why men would want to look like girls.  I mean aren’t there enough women in the world? And why do women want men to be more like them?

I kind of identify with the Jewish men of old who would pray and thank God He had not made them a woman. And I promise I’m not a male chauvinist pig like my mother has said for years, I appreciate the women’s movement, especially from behind. (Thanks Rush Limbaugh)  Go ahead and laugh, you know it’s funny.

I think men should be men and women should be women. I know this is an unenlightened mindset in today’s world, but I really don’t care, it’s who I am.  It was C.S. Lewis who said in “The Abolition of Man” “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and then bid the geldings to be fruitful.”

Men and women were made the way God intended them to be; male or female. Then man gets involved in the process and changes things by saying, “Gender is decided by what is inside of the person, not by the equipment they pack.” (Dave’s translation) Whoever thought we’d be having discussions about who should be using which restroom?  It’s pretty simple, if you stand to pee, then use the men’s room, and if you sit to pee, the women’s.

Please understand me, I am not making fun, or saying anyone is less important or valuable as a person because of how they dress, or which restroom they want to use, but I am saying enough is enough.  All of this making men into women has got to stop. The world needs men to be men, and women to be women, let’s quit blurring the lines and get back to the simpler thing of men being men, and women being women.

Now you know what I think, tell me what you think.




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