DDD – What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Well here we are again; another idiot with a gun and an agenda once more has attacked, killed and injured innocent people just living their lives.  And I’m sure the political pundits are eating this up and loving every minute of it; more fodder for the news shows to hash and rehash, and politicos everywhere are working hard to spin this to their advantage.

You may call me cynical, but I find it odd how so many people come together after there is a tragedy, but not really before.  People start showing their solidarity after the fact, but very little if nothing happens prior to the incident.  I guess they are too busy with their own lives to care much.

It’s kind of like fair weather fans of sports teams I guess.  You know; the people who start wearing the jerseys and hats of the team after they win the big game.  But later on in the next season when the team is playing poorly, these guys will bad mouth them and take all of their stuff to Goodwill.

Don’t get me wrong, I am saddened by the loss of life in Orlando, I just find it extremely odd how people could care less about their fellow man a week ago and now they’re all up in arms, asking what can be done to prevent this from ever happening again and talking about gun control once more.

There’s a great subject for us to talk about; gun control.  Some people say, “Let’s get rid of all the guns and poof, there’ll be no more violence.”  Yeah, right, if it wasn’t guns killing people it would be something else.  The problem isn’t guns, the problem is people.

I had a conversation with a naïve young lady once about guns.  She said the reason bad people use guns is because they are so readily available.  If there were no guns, bad people would have no reason to do the things they do.  Life would just be so peaceful. Nothing could be further from the truth.  As long as there are people who don’t care about their fellow man, there will be violence problems; with or without guns.

The message Jesus taught was love, heck even the Beatles told us all we need is love. This is what the world needs; love.  If you love your fellow man, then you don’t want to take from him or harm him.  But how do we achieve this? By setting aside our own desires temporarily to help others achieve theirs.

This world is an awesome place full of amazing people; way more good ones than bad. What we need to do is stop focusing on the negative, trying fix things in a knee jerk fashion and work on the real issues at hand; loving people. Of course, loving people doesn’t sell news stories now does it?


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